Anatomy of the ear structure! What is the internal structure of the ear?

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  The eyes are the windows of the soul, the ears are brain portals. Nowadays, many friends are not good. Many reasons will cause the ear to hear, although hearing aid can assist in lifting the hearing level, but at the same time, you still have to properly master some ear listening health knowledge, below Huasheng brand hearing aid store shared everyone's internal structural map!

  1, the auricle: collecting the sound, incorporate the sound into the outer ear canal, part of the sound orientation function;

  2, external audio: to pass the sound, there is also an enlarged role in the 3-4kHz sound;

  3, tympanic membrane: tympanic membrane vibration makes the sound can become mechanical energy to pass in the middle ear;

  4, listen to the small bone: three leveraged effects of small bones, enlarge the sound and passed into the inner ear;

  5, swallow tube: communicate with the nasopharyngeal, maintaining medium ear pressure and external air pressure balance;

  6, semi-regulated: Balanced receptors in the inner ear, all three, vertical arrangement, the inner set of film tube, the semi-supplied tube is filled with body fluid (lymph), and there is a body level in the semi-located, when the position is in rotation, quiet When the bit movement (such as the car) suddenly accelerates the slowing cells, the reflectivity causes the body to compensation, in order to keep the body stable,

  7, vestibular: semicircular and vestibular management balance system,

  8, cochlea: turn mechanically to bioenergy, producing nerve impulsive,

  9. Hearing nerve: Transport sound information to superior nerve center.

  Ear structure anatomical map! What is the internal structure of the ear? The overall effect is as follows:





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