Do I need hearing aids if my tympanic membrane is perforated?

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  We know that the human ear is divided into external ear, middle ear, inner ear, under three partial common effects, and conducts sound. The human media membrane area is about 85mm, which belongs to the middle ear structure, divided into three layers: epithelial layer, fibrous tissue layer, mucosa layer. Clinical data shows that tympanic membrane perforations may cause hearing a drop of about 20 decibels. However, the tympanic membrane has certain self-healing, the outer epithelial layer and the inner mucosa layer can be regenerated. However, there is no regenerative ability, and the healing tympanic membrane will lack the intermediate fiber tissue layer, which is generally unable to be impacted, it is easy to throw again.

  Who is suitable for tympanic film repair surgery?

  Reature of tympanic membrane repair:

  1, otitis media chronic otitis media

  2, otitis media sequelae residual drum film perforation

  3, traumatic tympanic membrane perforation through three months or longer

  Do you have to repair surgery?

  The tympanic membrane perforation is very common. It is necessary to see a small perforation of the drum film. This trauma is perforated. The doctor will recommend observation for three months. Of course, I have to see that the size of the slap in the middle of the blossoms is not a long. Most of them are triangular cracks, most patients are healing without surgery. If this tympanic membrane perforation is from a small doctor who causses you to tell you that, in turn, the drums should be perforated or should be processed.


    Does hearing after a tympanic film repair?

  After the drum film is perforated, many people will think of a tympanic membrane repair surgery, think that it is necessary to repair the tympanic membrane, and the hearing will return to normal, which is not necessarily.

  The tympanic membrane is only a small portion of the gas guide propagation sound, and if there is a problem in other parts, he will result in a decline in hearing.

  Second, the main purpose of the tympanic membrane repair is actually a blocking effect, preventing the middle ear from repeated, re-infection, avoiding further decline in hearing, whether the hearing can improve or recover if the surgery can be improved.

  1, small perforation caused by trauma

  Due to the incorrect hollow or trauma, there is no secondary infection, it is usually healed from around 1 month, affecting the hearing. So here, you should not take your own ears. If you encounter more, please seek your doctor's help.

  2, acute otitis media causes perforation

  There will be symptoms such as fever, ear hurt, tinnitus, and conductive hearing, mainly due to the pus in the middle and ear, the pressure is too large, resulting in pain, and the pus has flowed out, ear hurt, tinnitus disappeared.

  If it is a small perforation, it may be self-healing. If the perforation is large, there is no self-healing, it can be considered the tympanic film repair surgery, usually pay more attention to the ear canal, avoid taking a bath, swim water.

  3, chronic otitis media causes perforations

  This situation is generally large to be large perforation. In addition, in addition to leakage or secretions in the ear canal in the ear canal, over time, it is also possible to be mixed hearing loss, even if it repaired the tympanic membrane is not necessarily Improve or restore hearing, there may be risks of hearing bone chain interruption during surgery, and then cause a significant drop in hearing.

  Therefore, when considering tympanic membrane repair surgery, it is recommended to understand the postoperative complications, and multi-party consultation has experienced doctors to consider whether it needs to be repaired, if it is not suitable for tensile repair, or postoperative hearing is not recovered, it takes timely option to help the auditors intervention.

  After the drum film is perforated, it is to repair the surgery or the decision of the aid of the same.

  The tympanic membrane perforation is not a standard for selecting aid. The reasons for the decline in hearing, the symptomatic treatment and intervention is the correct treatment method.

  1. If it is caused by the conductive hearing loss due to the diaphragm perforation, there is a lot of possible self-healing after treatment, and can also choose the tympanic film repair surgery.

  2. If it is a mixed or sensational neurotrophic loss, it is recommended to select a hearing aid because such patients are not obvious after the mass film repair is not obvious, and the hearing level can be restored to the hearing level by hearing aid intervention.

  All in all, whether it is repairing surgery, or analogist, you need to listen to professionals.

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