How about Hearing Widex Hearing Aids? Introduction of the Danish company

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  Widex company

  It was created by Christian Topholm and Erik Westernn in 1956 in Denmark, which is a developer and producer of high-tech hearing aids in the world. The company adheres to the development of special products leading the development of modern hearing aids. The most famous product is the world's first full digital concealed ear canal hearing aid in 1996: SENSO.

  For the Widex company, the most important, deemed life is the product leading, outstanding design; superior quality; complete function and convenient operation. The company has excellent, professional employees, with outstanding research in acoustic and listening, mastering many key technical patents and strict all-round control production process. These are the cornerstones that only listen (Widex).

  Widex is a global group company with a wide range of international networks. The listening health professionals of this network have done their own efforts for listening; the company is very hoped to pay attention to listening to hearing loss The majority of users such as scholars and professional selection people have established a long-term mutual trust relationship, just like a big family consisting of many members. When you become a Widex family, you can fully trust our commitment and support. This is also an important reason for the most successful and powerful companies in the Global Hearing Aida.



    Listening to hearing aid

  Only listening to the original import, high sampling rate, wide dynamic range input, can receive more smaller sounds, let the sound sound is richer and full; the digital auricle is high, the same power, the body can do, Unlike other children's brands with linear movement, better feel high-frequency listening. Denmark is only good quality, powerful, cost-effective, is ideal for patients with deafness.

  Wei listening to hearing aid price

  The only hearing aid series contains different models, different platforms, different models, different appearances, different performances, different platforms, different platforms. Only one thousand to tens of thousands of thousands of tens of thousands of hearing aid prices should be based on the patient's hearing loss, the hearing-down time, the living environment, the hearing demand, and the appropriate hearing aid.

  The only hearing aid is the only domestic imported hearing aid brand. The hearing aid is characterized by the sound quality. It is very powerful. The small enlargement function is very suitable for the child. Only listen to the hearing aid has excellent series dream series, platinum series There is also a new Issue series, which has just been developed.

  Several factors should be considered during the selection of the hearing aid:

  First, from the perspective of appearance, consider the visibility after the appearance, size, shape, and wear;

  Second, sound quality;

  Third, wear comfort;

  Fourth, for the young and functional requirements, the hearing aid is required to have wireless functions, connect wireless devices such as computers, mobile phones;

  Five, hearing aids on the noise reduction of noise.

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