How about Oticon hearing aids? How to evaluate Oticon hearing aids

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    Denmark Audikang was founded in 1904, and his founder Hans Dimmonate created an original Outdon's original intention to his love for his losses. For more than 100 years, Audikang has had more than 20 subsidiaries and nearly 80 national agents worldwide, and has a world-famous listening research center. It is a world-famous research and development, professional manufacturers of high quality hearing products. One, its product from hearing aids, auxiliary hearing equipment, frequency modulation, and listening diagnostic instruments to personal acoustic equipment, including listening screening, hearing diagnosis, listening intervention, listening recovery and personal auditory equipment.

  It is because of love, so 'The idea of ​​people-oriented (People First)' has always run through Audikang. Humanized design combines continuous innovative technology, making Audikang not only in the field of listening, but also award awards in various global prizes in industrial design, corporate management.

  Audikang is committed to "helping people live with their own listening", will always focus on improving the quality of life of listening losses, to meet their hearing demand.

  In 2006, he has developed his hearing in China, more kisses Heudang International brand image, and established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shanghai - Audikang (Shanghai) Listening Technology Co., Ltd., comprehensively carrying out the business promotion of Audikang in China. .


    The following is a netizen to the review:

  1. It belongs to the most invisible hearing aid for peak titanium fours and OPN IIC. The peak titanium ferrite housing uses titanium alloy material, relatively thin, smaller appearance, but very strong, trucks that are tested filled with goods are pressed over the hearing aid, and the hearing aid is not crushed. For wearing comfort, the ear print model when making a hearing aid is suitable, the comfort is the same.

  2, the sound quality of different manufacturers is different, each hearing aid producer has its own characteristics, concept, so the sound quality of the hearing aids produced has a relatively large difference. Every hearing aid experience is his own statement. So I don't know how to tell the sound quality, and taste the people who don't eat pepper and three freehe-free people. This person who can't eat pepper, in addition to feeling that the dish is too hot, it is unable to taste Sichuan cuisine! Therefore, for the sound quality, it is recommended that you go to the test center to experience the sound of the peak and Audikang Decide again.

  3. All of you mentioned is the most concealed hearing aid inside the custom hearing aid, so it is more than the advantage in terms of functionality. The smaller the hearing aid, the less function, because the shape is small, and the hearing aid element cannot be placed inside the hearing aid. IIC's hearing aids are not available because of too small exterior. If you want aesthetics, the function of the hearing aid will definitely be relatively small. If you want more functions, the appearance must be obvious. It is recommended that you understand the RIC hearing aid, subvert the beauty of the ear, and the function is still very comprehensive. Each hearing aid manufacturer is different, the function introduction is different, the chip calculation speed of the titanium fightened is 552 million per second, the OPN's chip calculation speed is 1.2 billion per second, and the titanium has up to 64 channels. OPN It is also 64 channels.

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