How about Phonak hearing aids? How to evaluate Phonak hearing aids

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  Founded in 1947, a multinational listed company outside the suburbs of Zurich Switzerland.

  Fengli Hearing Aid Company was founded in 1947 and is headquartered in Switzerland, Zurich, Switzerland, is a multinational listed enterprise specializing in high-tech hearing aids and FM wireless frequency-supported photographic products research, development, production and sales.

  Peak hearing aids have multiple product brands, extensive sales channels and full range of hearing aids and FM wireless FM high-tech products, serving a weak listener, improving the life of weak listeners.



  The most widely known peak hearing aid is its dream platform and cloud platform. Based on these platforms have a lot of hearing aid products, such as Boler Q Ballet, Virto Q Mei Dream, Solana, Luo Ru, Ambra Venas, etc., the design of these hearing aid products is centered on the user experience, satisfying the sound quality, listening to the effect Features.

  It is worth mentioning that the transition technology of the peak hearing aid is specially designed for patients with severe hearing loss, which makes up for the deficiencies of limited high-frequency compensation for traditional hearing aids, which is suitable for the hearing high frequency loss. Patients ensure that patients can hear high-frequency sounds, better understand speech.


    The following is the evaluation of the peak hearing aid:


  Switzerland peaks and Danish Rui Shengda belong to the international first-line hearing aid brand. If it is compared between the two brands of the same grade, there is no advantageous point, because the hearing aid is related to the following factors:

  1. Configuration, Listening, Losity, Treatment of Losity, and Speech Resolution

  2, Whether the ear is tinnitus

  3, the power, grade and function of hearing aids

  4, is a single ear wear or both ear wear

  5, personal needs, use environment and self-expected value, etc.

  6. There is also a big relationship with professional equipment of the commissioning level and the professional equipment of the test center.

  Of course, a simple comparison brand is not comparable to the wearing effect, and there is still a lot of differences in peak and Rui Sheng.

  1, the sound quality is different

  The sound of the peak hearing aid is crisp.

  2, technology is biased

  Peaks in market publicity, machine waterproof, noise reduction, product line complete, children's market share, FM language system, short repair cycle, multi-test staff, multi-wire Bluetooth technology, first time There is a certain advantage in high satisfaction.

  Rui Sheng has had a certain advantage in the high prices of the first time, the first time the premium is inexpensive, the first-time, the first time.

  3, the latest Bluetooth technology

  Peaks with Bluetooth-like hearing aids, using MFA Wide Area Compatible 2.4G Global Universal Bluetooth technology, can connect all Bluetooth versions 4.2 or more, including Android phones, Apple phones, laptops, TV, car navigation and other devices.

  Rui Daxida with Bluetooth function, using the MFI Apple Bluetooth protocol, only wirelessly connect with Apple iOS system, Apple mobile phone, Apple, PAD and other devices, and implement audio transmission.

  4, product characteristics

  The peak product line is mainly in accordance with the outer type and the product of different people, and the product is more powerful, but the extremely powerful ear socket SP / UP is narrow.

  The Rui Daxida product line is mainly set differently according to the chip, and the type of custom machine has more power. It usually sets 3 grades 5/7/9 or 1/2/3 each series.

  5, suitable crowd

  The peak force is more advantageous in the deaf child; suitable for a variety of listening people; the hearing course is longer (≥ 6 years); a sensitive population for noise; requires a low version of the wireless Bluetooth demand (student) Or business people).

  Rui Sheng is generally suitable for a variety of listening deaf; various listening adults; the listening period is moderate (2 years - 6 years); can meet the noise-sensitive customers; before the maintenance is cheap Wait a customer group.

  Finally, no matter which brand, it is recommended to go to the professional test center to experience the experience and comparison. Only suitable for yourself, can meet your own listening needs, the hearing aids to solve their own listening problems are the best, that is, wear well, comfortable That is the best choice!

  If you have a listening problem, please feel free to ask me, I will answer everyone ~

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