How about ReSound hearing aids? How to evaluate ReSound hearing aids

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  Like the US Beltong, the same Denmark GN, the earliest foreign-owned enterprise entering the Chinese market.

  Rui Shengda is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Denmark GN Hearing (Da Nibei Listening Technology Group), Rui Sheng Hairy Aid (Resound) is Danish's old hearing aid manufacturer, and Rui Shengda is also the earliest foreign-owned enterprise that enters the Chinese market.

  Rui Sheng Hairying Aids sedate in the Chinese hearing aids for many years, with very high visibility in the industry, early Heron Danfu and other brands are the first hearing aid brand that is familiar with people listening to people.



    Like the US Beltong, Rui Sheng Hairying Aids have very high levels of functionality, beautiful, comfort, and cost performance. It has a rich hearing aid series and auxiliary product line. It has provided a lot of high hearing for China. Cost-effective hearing aid product.

  It is worth mentioning that in recent years, Denmark has been committed to the innovative development of 2.4GHz wireless technology, and launched a hearing aid product compatible with Apple mobile phone and popular in Europe and the United States.



    Based on the depth insights and understanding of the hearing aid user, in order to help the world's listening people, Rui Sheng will combine creative thinking and design, combined with solid product technology, and provide innovative reliable hearing solutions. .


   At present, the main business of Rui Sheng Hairying Aid includes hearing aids, hearing detection equipment, Bluetooth headset, etc. GN is the world's first large multinational listed company engaged in communication, communications, and listening medical equipment. All kinds of products produced combine the world's top acoustic and auditory technology, and reluctantly relying on strong industries to make products have functions. Many excellent functions of sound processing, many advanced core technologies make it a leader in the industry.

  The following is the evaluation of netizens to Rui Saicaidoid:





  Peak hearing aid and Rui Sheng to help the same


  I have 70 decibel listening, my right ear is not seen, the current left ear is the peak Audeo S Smart IX B, and the right ear is CROS.

  CROS is a double-ear transmission hearing aid. If there is no hearing on the other side, then there is no hearing, the side of the ear is smashed, and the sound of this side can be transmitted to the other side. I have a hearing aid, the right ear is not listening, but with CROS, then the sound on the right will be transferred to the hearing aid on the left, and the phone can be hit by the right.

  The title map is my family blessing of my peak hearing aid. The first row is the wireless test. I have nothing to do with yourself. The middle is a remote microphone. It is easy to sit. On the right is the Bluetooth transfer station. The second row is a hearing aid, and the right side is CROS.

  Peak Audeo S Smart IX B type hearing aid did not listed in China, and the testist told me that this model performance in my model and the manual is consistent, and the parameters are shown below.


  The ear tree borrowed to give me a high hearing aid, the picture I forgot to shoot, borrowed the online map, probably long. (The comment is correct, this is not a high, but I can't find a picture, or use this picture)



    Try to wear two weeks, there is a bit of experience, send it to everyone, I hope to help everyone.

  Special decision: The following is only subjective feelings, listening itself is very complicated, everyone's feelings are different, this can only represent my personal feelings, please don't take the edge to take me in the industry, thank you.

  1. On the sound quality, the peak force and Rui Sheng did not have much difference, the peak reluctance sound quality is more calm, and the sound of Rui Dao is relatively loud, but the difference is not large, I think the difference is within 5%.

  2, on Bluetooth, Rui Sheng is winning, you can directly connect iPhone without transfer, there is app, you can use the mobile phone to locate the help of the hearing aid, the peak power does not have this app, and you need to buy a Bluetooth adapter separately, There is only a neck and there is no convenience of Rui.

  3, Rui Sheng can take the iPhone as a remote microphone, it is very easy to use, there is noise reduction function, you can receive the sound at the same time, and the peak is only a separate recipient, you need to buy, no noise, noisy function, noisy The environment is basically unavailable, and the available distance is about 15 meters, but also can receive sound at the same time.

  4, Bluetooth, Rui Shengda said to the iPhone, the peak force is to the Bluetooth adapter, Rui Sheng is winning.

  5, Rui Song also has a shortcoming, that is, it is not possible to connect two devices, if it can be perfect.

  6, Rui Shengda and Peak Forces I can't hear voice messages with Bluetooth listening to WeChat, it is estimated that WeChat's bug.

  7, Rui Dan is better to judge the iPhone, the peak force is to unlock the iPhone to switch to the mode of receiving the iPhone sound, even if the iPhone has no sound, but Rui is not, Rui Sheng is in the iPhone The time will be switched.

  8. When Bluetooth is called, Rui Sheng is stable than the peak force, the sound quality is better, and the peak Bluetooth is very unstable and time-off, the sound quality is very poor, and it feels like the sound quality of the survey of the last century.

  9. When meeting, the initial feeling of Rui Sheng is more clear than peak.

  10, wind noise, Rui Sheng Die peak control is well controlled, the peak power is put on the wind noise, it is big, how to adjust the tone, the wind noise suppression is mostly useless, the old running matching center I bought a wireless inspection machine in debugging, I didn't use it for half a month.

  Summary: The advantage of peak is that the store is safe and secure. The advantage of Rui Sheng is powerful Bluetooth, which is more suitable for Rui Sheng to use the iPhone mobile phone.

  Stake-related: The above feelings are the concept, not soft text, confiscate a penny, is purely to feel comparison. I am a young man, I feel that I prefer a powerful Bluetooth function in the case of the sound quality.

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