How about Starck hearing aids? How to evaluate Starck hearing aids

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    Starker not only provides high quality hearing aid products. Starker is committed to helping people to achieve new life by listening to the communication between people. We firmly believe that the ability to listen is generally important for everyone, such as breathing.

  As the manufacturing and service expert of the global hearing solution, Sadk's goal is to listen, give full play to the greatest potential to explore better life.

  In 1967, Mr. Austin created Stark and promised that "our own strength is limited, but together, we can change the world." Today, Starker still adheres to this commitment, why do you buy? Each Stark hearing aid, Stark will give part of the income to the Stark Listening Foundation, which can help those who are eager to listen to gifts around the world. Today, Stark has donated more than 1 million hearing aids through the Stark Listening Foundation worldwide.

  All new products in Stark will improve their listening conditions for the patients. In the early days of R & D, it has been carefully investigated. It is used to consult the patient and the testist to improve the actual needs of hearing loss and the functions of hearing aids, and then start product development in this goal.

  In recent years, Stark has always put the patient's needs in the first place, and solve the problem, meet their appeals, such as obtaining the best sound quality in all listening environments, setting simple and easy-to-operate volume switches and program buttons, computing Powerful chips, beautiful charming outdories, we set a benchmark in the industry.

  Stark listening technology is a leader in global hearing solution design, R & D and sales. And firmly believe that the use of innovative listening technology can create greater careers, so that every world around the world is newly established from the newly established new contact.

  At the global, Stark has more than 3,600 employees, with 21 production bases in more than 18 countries, and Stark listening technology is leaders in the hearing aid industry. Starq high-quality listening products have been favored by well-known people from all walks of life. Former US President Ford, Ren, Bush, Clinton is supporters of Starker.

  Starker Listening Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Stark China), founded in 1995, the production base is located in Suzhou, with a building area of ​​4,500 square meters, with advanced production equipment and professional operation teams. Through the many years of unremitting efforts of Stark China, Starike has established branches and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an and Hong Kong, and established thousands of Stark assistance auditor test service network points for the majority. Hearing obedience, providing US Starq consistent professional services. At the same time, Stark China is committed to the cultivation of the Chinese hearing aid industry professional selection personnel, together with the development of the Chinese hearing aid assembly industry, providing personalized listening solutions for the hearing disabling friends.

  Stard has industry-leading hearing aid innovation technology, through 3D printing, nano-coating, digital chip, 2.4GHz wireless and AI artificial intelligence technology, providing sound quality and excellent listening products for listeners, let the wearer can Worry-free, enjoy life.

  The following is a netizen to the review:

  Audikang relatives relatively softly, because Stark is a relatively loud voice.

  Any help of the hearing is not satisfactory, the more high-end hearing aid noise reduction effect is, of course, the default level of noise reduction is also relatively.

  Since you have always used Sadk, then continue to use the Shack.

  I have always used Sadk, I also tried my high-end hearing aid in each play card before I changed, and finally, I was used to it (I am listening) The situation may not be the same as you, the following is for reference only). Swiss Dadang soft, Switzerland hearing people honestly, the environmental noise reduction is very small, Audikang is very soft and sound, listening to music, I don't have any surprises, sharp It can also be more flooding than these two, butstac is more flooding than it, but the general noise is not as sharp, and its environment is more. I personally hope that I can listen to some sounds. I don't feel noisy in listening to the environment. So I am used to Sadk, bringing more than ten years, or continue to use Custa.



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