How to choose a hearing aid? Hearing Fitting Process

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  Shenzhen Shenrui Medical Co., Ltd. was established in Zhongshan City in 2012 and moved to Shenzhen in 2017. It is a high-tech medical device professional enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. 10 years focus on elderly hearing aids, children's hearing aids, baby hearing aids, children's hearing aids, etc. We rely on the deep-handed-proof of listening, hearing aids, the harsh of hearing aids, and complete control assistance A detail, sincere standing on the earlier, the ear is not clear, considering the problem, pay attention to the inner world of the children, this article is a comprehensive introduction to the top ten processes of brand hearing aids!

  First, consultation

  1. Understand the time of deafness, cause, process

  2, the patient's related course, treatment results, surgery history

  3, listening, language status

  4, hearing aid usage: time, effect, problem

  5, psychological and behavioral changes

  6, systemic disease

  7, other situations that need to be understood

  Second, the medical examination

  1, otictics: auricle, external auditory, tympanic membrane

  2, system medical examination:

  1, inspection of the whole body

  2, some hereditary deafness will have problems with other systems

  3, limb activity, vision

  4, other

  5, psychology, behaviors measuring

  Most of the whole body examination is not very important, so fewer implementation.

  Third, related inspections

  1 Common hearing inspection and report interpretation

  1, behavior listening

  2, visual enhancement

  3, game listening

  4, pure tone listening

  5, speech listening


  7, electrical reaction assay: ABR, ASSR, 40Hz

  8, acoustic impedance

  2 other testing and report interpretation

  1, temporal CT

  2, genetics check

  3, other

  3 Interpretation of the test results report

  1, hearing loss: average hearing, speech resolution

  2, listening loss properties: conduction disorder, sensational nerve

  3. Loss of hearing loss:

  A, audible neuropathy

  B, large pioneering water pipe syndrome

  C, ear cracked

  D, otitis media

  E, external audio portrait

  4. The test report must be explained to the patient and his family, let them understand

  Fourth, listening diagnosis

  1 Do you need a referral?

  2 Whether it is suitable for selecting aid aid

  3 degree of loss, loss, overall situation

  1, 耵聍 embolism, you can't take it out

  2, tympanic membrane or external ear canal: external audiobitis tympanic membrane perforation, etc.

  3, ear pain

  4, sudden deafness in one week or still in progress

  5, new tinnitus, vertigo

  6, other

  A, fast performing hearing decline;

  B, recent listening loss;

  C, accompanied by ear pain, tinnitus, dizziness or headache;

  D, conductive deafness;

  E, the external auditory canal embolization exceeds 25% of the outer ear canal cavity or the outer audience.

  Five, the choice of hearing aid

  1 brand choice:

  1. Products that this brand is good at

  2, reasonable price

  3, good performance: acoustic performance, process quality

  4, after-sales service is good: fast, service price

  5, and the factory communication channel is smooth

  1 "The testor is responsible and obligations to choose the most suitable user, your assured hearing aid brand. As a practitioner, each testist is far more than the patient's own understanding.

  2 "Individual patient has its own requirements for the brand. If the user is selected from the sense of listening effect, I will respect the patient's choice; if the patient does not choose the basis, I will give my good suggestion.

  3 "There are more severe superstiter brands in some patients in China. I personally think is that our professional work is still not good enough.

  4 "Huasheng listening employees are working, I hope that patients can remember the adaptors, forget the brand, the patient went to the hospital to see a doctor, never asked the doctor what brand used, why? The best choice, he is your good hearing effect.

  2 power selection:

  1, according to hearing loss

  2, keep enough reserves

  Children, LVAS, conduction disabilities

  3. Principle: Ning Bao is a little bigger, not small

  3 style selection:

  1. What are the styles of brand hearing aids:



  (Excellent Kang Heiken wearing pattern)





  (What are the style of hearing aid?)

  2, RIC hearing aid introduction




  (RIC hearing aid appearance)





  (RIC built-in received aid)

  2> RIC hearing aid (built-in receiving device) has the following features:

  A, the shape is small and exquisite (increasing aesthetic design element)

  B, masking is good to wear comfort

  C, eliminate plugging effect

  D, multiple receivers optional, one machine has multiple power

  E, with the latest technology characteristics such as pointing features, double ear interconnection, wireless connection

  F, RIC's emergence increases the choice of patients. At the same time, it greatly improves the hearing aid effect.

  G, currently, China's test workers, Chinese listening patients have not fully accepted this new model.

  H, the shape of the shape, not to hide, but for beauty

  I, afraid of being seen, patients who want to hide, to psychological counseling

  3 hearing aid style selection principle:

  1. Ensure the best effect, respect personality; the purpose of choice is to like, not hiding.

  2. As the symbol, you should derive the hearing aid and hearing aid user internally. Do not treat the hearing aid as a weak, shameful mark.

  It is not good to say to help the auditors, I think it is the no respect for hearing aids and users.

  3, we must encourage patients to wait for patients, facing the wearing appearance of hearing aids, we choose different styles, in order to fit themselves, for beauty, not hidden.

  If the adults are still intended to deliberately deliver: "Hide the hearing aid hide", this is the old concept of outdated, it is to be OUT in the era.

  4. Modern hearing aid design, introducing aesthetic design element, using hearing aids as a beautiful, fashionable ornament.

  5, improve the acceptance of hearing aids!

  Improve the public's respect for hearing aids!

  Don't treat your hearing aid as a weakly shameful mark!

  Hearing aids and glasses have improved equipment!

  Hearing aids can also be your decoration!

  Modern hearing aids have added aesthetic elements!

  4 Single and euro selection:

  There is no doubt that in feasible situations, the double ear can get the best hearing aid effect. There are a lot of information introduction.

  5 price option:

  1, the strength of the force: according to the patient's economic conditions, choose the appropriate hearing aid brand;

  2, not the most expensive, it is best, the right is best;

  3. To tell the patient, a better hearing aid can get a better hearing aid effect as much as possible. All advanced technological innovations of hearing aids are done in order to improve listening effects. In the case of economic conditions, it is necessary to choose a lot of hearing aids as much as possible.

  6 Ear model is customized:

  After determining the demand, the Huasheng hearing aid profitter will make personalized production of the hearing aid machine according to the patient's ear canal!

  6. Commissioning of hearing aids

  1, the choice of the target formula

  2, adjustment of the gain curve

  3, compression ratio, adjustment of compression

  4, noise reduction, sound feedback setting

  5, the setup of the hearing aid advanced function

  6, MPO adjustment

  7, automatic program setting

  8, data storage, boot, etc.

  ⑨, wireless function setting

  Seven, hearing aid effect evaluation

  1 hearing aid effect evaluation purpose:

  1. Verify the objective effect of the hearing aid

  2. As a reference indicator of the commissioning hearing aid

  3, the test of the acquisition: the experience:

  4. Enhance the use of confidence in patient hearing aids.

  5. Give corresponding rehabilitation guidelines based on different hearing effects.

  2 evaluate those indicators

  1, listening threshold improvement:

  Function gain or true ear gain results

  2, speech discrimination rate improvement:

  Noise next speech recognition improvement

  Not suitable threshold test: Can a loud acceptance?

  3, evaluation method

  1> Simple test

  A, life sound test: phone ringtone picking paper, 搓 finger, 掌, light shot;

  B, Voice Test: f S Ch q t and other light consonants to see if they can hear;

  C, Digital Acoustic Tester: Use 1-9 to test signals to detect, the test process is the same;

  D, LINKS5 tone test: SH S U A I tests whether it can be repeated.

  2> Laboratory test

  A, Sound field function hearing threshold test: test 250-4000 Hz hearing aid before and after hearing threshold, single frequency enhanced demo

  B, speech discrimination rate test: Purified speech voice and noise conditions

  C, no threshold test: often use three sounds to simply evaluate: heavy palms, big shouts, wooden board hitting desktop

  D, true ear analysis

  E, the questionnaire:

  4, the instructor, is your work really done?

  The reason for many users is looking for:

  A, * You didn't give him an effect assessment!

  B, * You didn't make him satisfied: hearing aids really have effect.

  Eight, hearing aids use education (training listeners related training)

  1, operation usage training: switches, regulation, battery replacement

  2, take the wearable training: hearing aids to take and wear

  3 Maintenance training: daily maintenance, maintenance training

  4, fault processing training: simple fault handling

  5, how to adapt to the use of hearing aids

  6, other questions that need to be explained: What should I do if I encounter problems?

  Training object: my or my family or my family?

  Target requirements: Learn to leave, family is insurance!

  Nine, rehabilitation guidance

  1, the conveyance of patients daily exchange skills

  2, give a family suggestion

  3, training and guidance of auditory language skills

  4, patient psychology, behavioral customary counseling

  5, consultation and guidance for the prevention and treatment of deafness

  A, Huasheng listening ear health exercises to teach;

  B, protect listening knowledge;

  C. Suggestions for basic diseases;

  D, hereditary deafness prevention consultation.

  Ten, follow-up, review, counseling

  1 Understand the familiarity of the hearing listener, use time, and guide adjustments;

  2 According to the problems in the use, reflect the situation, fine adjustment;

  3 hearing aid maintenance, maintenance, clean, listening review;

  4 evaluation of the use effect, then debug;

  5 Rehabilitation guidance, recommendations, referrals;

  6 hearing aids, behavior, habitual improvement, encouragement, consultation, and further guidance;

  7 others.


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