How to communicate with hearing impaired children? How to communicate with deaf children?

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  Due to the loss of listening, it is more difficult to concentrate on the language when talking to the childhood. In addition to paying attention to the child listening, we should pay more attention to whether children can truly actively communicate and let their children interact with the conversors. Thus letting children master exchange techniques suitable for themselves. Talk to childhood, pay attention to the following:




  1. Things that happen to their children.By doing this, he began to link the sounds that heard with the surroundings, things, characters and things.

  2. when talking to your child, and he is in the same line of sight, and must face him.

  3. Before you talk to your child, you caught his attention by tapping him and calling his name. When you talk, make sure he is watching you.

  4. When talking about some kind of item, close it to your face, so the child can see your mouth and that item. Encourage him to look and listen.

  5. Talk naturally, no mouth is exaggerated.

  6. When you talk to your child, use normal volume, don't be too loud, don't use whispered.

  7. When a sound is sent, it is referring to the child. Tell him about this thing, and encourage him to see and listen.

  8. By singing and doing a sound game, encourage your child to make a sound. When he made a sound, he praised him.

  9. When talking to the child, use the facial expression to help him understand what you are talking about.

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