How to equip the elderly with hearing aids? Go to the hospital or the hearing center?

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  First of all, many reasons may result in lower hearing, such as the most common otitis media. It is recommended that you take a check at the hospital to do a check (otolaryngology clinic), judge the cause of hearing, can improve hearing . If the results show that your father does need to wear a hearing aid, it is recommended that you have a dedicated hearing center to assume aid.

  Second, why do you want to go to the hearing aid assignment center? Hospital doctors are mainly responsible for the clinical treatment of otolaryngology disease, and hearing aids is best completed by the listening teachers who accept professional training. The two divided into labor and cooperate with each other. The assignment of hearing aids is not an imagination, choose a good hearing aid, you can hear it. Listeners need to evaluate the patient's hearing through pure tone audio and speech recognition rate, according to testing, evaluation results, scientific selection of suitable hearing aids for patients.

  How to choose a suitable hearing aid?

  1. Select the hearing aid of the corresponding power based on the patient's hearing loss. Hearing aids can effectively compensate for patient's listening losses.

  2. Select the appropriate hearing aid according to the patient's listening needs. For example, only need to communicate in a quiet environment, or need to communicate in an outdoor noise environment. The more complex listening to the environment, the higher the requirements of hearing aids, the higher the noise reduction function is more complicated, so the price will be higher.

  3. Select the appropriate hearing aid according to the requirements of the patient's sound quality because everyone is different from the preferences and requirements of the sound.

  4. Select the matching hearing aid according to the accepted level of the hearing aid price.

  In summary, the listener will provide the patient with the best solution according to the patient's listening, and combine the patient's personalized demand to provide the best solution.

  In addition to choosing a suitable hearing aid, the professional commissioning of the listener is very important.

  The hearing aid debug is not only better to help the patient listening better, but will hurt the patient's residual hearing, and even bring psychological shadows to patients. Furthermore, if the patient is not good for a long time, the initial wearing aid will feel that some are not used to, this is normal, and the patient may take at least 4 weeks to practice to meet the surrounding environment. The basic principle is to gradually enter, the volume is small to large, the environment is quiet to noisy, preferably to the appropriate volume until all-weather use. During the entire wearing adaptation process, you need a listener's full tracking service to learn about the patient wear hearing aids, according to the patient wear, debug equipment, to achieve the best results under comfortable conditions.

  Therefore, when choosing a hearing aid assignment center, please do not pay attention to the price of hearing aids, but to pay more attention to the professional level of the listener and the service level of the hearing center, so that the patient can have a professional after purchasing hearing aids. continuous service system protection.

  According to statistics, around us every three elderly, there is the presence of a hearing problem, but the problem did not cause the elderly hearing everyone's attention. Long-term patients hear voices, will lead to a recession of speech function, audible did not understand the situation slowly emerged, this time, the longer the patient wears a hearing aid, it would not help, because the degradation of speech function is irreversible. Listen well, little exchange, the risk of Alzheimer's on the increase. Therefore, the elderly hearing decline, but also early treatment, early intervention.

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