Introduction to hearing aids

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  The hearing aid is a tool that helps listening to patients with listening loss. Hearing aids Press the shape: there is a cassette, ear back, and the ear offered in the ear. It is divided into otopic, ear canal, deep audible hearing aids.

  Features of the ear hiker:





    The power of the heather hearing aid can also be large, because its appearance cassette is almost eliminated.

  Advantages: The ear-type hearing aids can be suitable for a variety of listening losses, currently extensive applications. It can also match other auditory auxiliary devices that make patients get a better listening effect when watching TV.

  Disadvantages: exposed, easy and sweat contact.

  Features of the ear-type invisible hearing aid:



  Ear, ear canal, deep audible and invisible deep heph hearing aids, need to be customized according to the patient's ear shape, in line with the psychology of "concealed hearing aids", hearing aids are located in the auricle, in the ear canal and ear The depth of the road, the volume is sequentially reduced, but the power is gradually decreasing with the volume, only suitable for mild to medium weight hearing loss.

  Advantages: Beautiful concealment, deep audio hearing aids recently have very popular in Europe and America, and there are many prominent advantages, and the audience is especially convenient!

  Disadvantages: People who are inconvenient for both hands are not easy to operate.

  The characteristics of an open hearing aid:



  Open hearing aid is a receiver external hearing aid, a small shape, beautiful, and wearing effect is very hidden. It is a true invisible ear-ready hearing aid, the reader is external, and in the ear canal, naturally improve the acoustic gain and sound Output, to make the power of the patient, meet the needs of patients with severe hearing loss, and provide a variety of external reciprometers and a variety of earplugs and ear dies to choose from.

  Advantages: Adopt unique ear canal recipient technology, smaller than traditional ear, small shape, strong power. The conception of severe hearing loss is satisfied, wearing comfort, eliminating plugging effect.

  Disadvantages: The battery is shorter than the traditional ear shear battery.

  Characteristics of cassette hearing aids:



    The cassette hearing aid is slightly larger than the matchbox, in the jacket pocket, the headphones are in the ear, both connected by a wire.

  Advantages: Power is very large, simple, low price, suitable for people who are extremely deafening or not to use smaller hearing aids due to hand-eyed.

  Disadvantages: Not beautiful, the noise, especially the patient's own clothing, is also amplified, and it is basically eliminated.

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