Tips on hearing aid maintenance! How to maintain your hearing aids at home!

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  Winter is coming, friends who use the ear-shearing hearing aids have encountered trouble, sometimes I feel that the sound of the hearing aid will be small or have no sound, and the battery is also the same! That can be ruined!

  What is going on? Look at the places where the ear mode tube is connected, there is a water bead!




  How does water enters an ear mode?

  In the winter, indoor and outdoor temperature differences, when wearing a hearing aid from a warm room to cold outdoor, the water molecules in the air in the outside canaches will be cold and condensed, and they are gathered in the acoustic tube. So that the sound can't be causing or objected!


  1. First remove the ear mold from the hearing aid;



  2, use the blow balloon to blow the water vapor to blow out OK! (Shown below)




  It is recommended that users who use the ear tip hearing aids often have a blown balloon, and can clear the water beads at any time. (Shown above)

  For infants who use ear-type hearing aids, parents should pay special attention, whenever outdoor activities, pay attention to check if the ear mode has water vapor condensation, if there is timely cleared. When you go to school, when you send it to school from home, it is best to check whether the hearing aid ear is water vapor.

  In the autumn and winter season, hearing aid maintenance must pay attention to it, in addition to mastering some maintenance common sense, while encountering complex problems, please go to the hearing aid assignment center to help the contractor!

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