Types of hearing aid eardrums! The use of hearing aid ear samples!

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  The hearing-resistant friends know that when you have a systemic hearing aid, you need to make your ears, usually, after the production of professional hearing aid eardamers, can achieve a fixed hearing aid, conduction sound, etc., enable the hearing aid to play the greatest Effect! Brand hearing aid ear mode can be different depending on the use hearing aid, the materials used, the size styles can be divided into different types, each has its own use characteristics, below the brand hearing aid adults and everyone share the hearing aid eardrum? Hearing ear What uses do you have?

  Classified according to the hearing aid:

  1 button ear mode (bag type): Suitable for cassette hearing aids.

  2 tube ear mode: suitable for ear-ready hearing aids.




    Classified according to production materials:

  1 hard eardrum: Suitable for mild to moderate deafness, easy to wear and comfortable, old people should use this material. Due to insufficient tightness, it is not suitable for high power hearing aids.

  2 semi-soft eardrum: between die and hardness and highlighter, suitable for moderate to severe deafness to listen to friends.





    (Hearing aid eardrum classification)

  Classified according to the size, shape, and seal of the ear mode:



  (Hearing aid ear-ear classification)

  1 Non-closed eardrum: it is divided into an open ear film and a semi-open eardrum. All open, is only a small tube in the external auditory, only a small amount of plastic outside the small tube. The auricle is fully open, and the resonance effect of the external auditory canal is retained. However, hearing aid gain can not be opened too much, otherwise it will produce a sound and anti-routine, this ear mode is suitable for mild deafness (hearing 25-40dBHL); semi-open, ear mode and external auditory canal reserve a certain void, Half of the inner holes and plastic materials, which feature the gain than the full open size, due to the large accelerator in the ear mode, a part of the normal quencher is exploited, and there is a bad influence on the language identification rate, this ear The mold is suitable for mild to moderate (60-55 dbhl of hearing loss).

  2 Capture Ear Earmele: The ear is complete, and the air hole can be opened in the ear canal according to the hearing loss (parallel discharge hole, Y-shaped hole, external discrete), suitable for moderate to severe deafen (Listening loss 45-85 dBHL), In addition, there is a fully enclosed ear mold that does not open the air. The hearing aid ear mold is tightly attached to the external auditory hear. The ear mold enters the outer ear canal to the gorge, and the sound is completely relying on hearing aid, and the hearing loss is 70-95 dBHL. Demand. This fully enclosed hearing aid ear mold can be made into a plurality of hearing aids of ears of ears. 

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