Digital chip multi-channel BTE hearing aid C-109F

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Real comments from Chinese buyers(Taobao and Jingdong):

The merchant service is in place. After using it for a while, it can’t be charged. Return to the factory for repair and send back a new one.
This hearing aid has been delivered, and the small package is also very good, and the seller will ship it quickly.
Very easy to use, the old man said the effect is very good, the sound is very clear
Good quality and low price, very OK, too much discount than physical store
Old customers come to this store often to buy things. This time I bought them for the elderly in the family. They are very satisfied and the quality is very good.
I brought it myself and bought it for the elderly at home. It is very useful. I have been using this one. Now I have to change it to a more advanced one and let the elderly try it. It is very good.
Dad said that the effect is good. The second gear he is using now, the single one worn, can be heard clearly.
Let the elderly try a different style, it is very good, this hearing aid, the elderly at home have been using it, very good, I like it very much.
Logistics is super super fast! The quality is also very good, really worth the money
I feel good after spending a few days at home, I also recommend it to others, good quality and low price
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